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Redken Hair Color

  Redken Chromatics
Chromatics - this revolutionary
professional haircolor fortifies
every strand giving you shinier,
healthier-looking hair and
amazing color after just one
visit to our salon.

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  Chromatics Beyond Cover
Chromatics Beyond Cover was
created for those with 75% or
more gray hair. Graying hair
can become wiry and difficult
to manage. Beyond Chromatics
targets issues of graying hair.

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  Redken Chromatics Ultra Rich
Color that shines like never before!
Introducing Redken’s Chromatics
Ultra Rich Cityscape collection, five
highly-reflective monochromatic
shades inspired by the New York
cityscape at sunset.

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  Redken Lightening
Lightening (a.k.a bleaching
or decolorizing) is the process
of lightening the hair. It can be
used to create a few highlights,
lighten specific sections or
applied to the whole head.

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  Redken Shades EQ
Haircolor that's fun, flirty and
fashionable. Low commitment
results so you can change
your haircolor every season.
Conditioning, no ammonia
formula to care for your hair.

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  Redken Color Fusion
Redken Color Fusion has been
recharged with an advanced
formula that will enhance your
color service in every way. Color
bond Technology heightens

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  Redken Cover Fusion
Cover Fusion is specifically
designed to cover hair that
is 50% white ir more and to
target concerns of white hair
including lack of strength,
shine and condition.

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Redken Color Camo
Want to blend a little gray?
In just 5 minutes you can look
years younger. Want to blend
even more gray? You're just
10 minutes from increased
coverage and a younger look!

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